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The Vermont Association for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery is a statewide information and advocacy organization that supports all paths to recovery from addiction and mental health conditions. Since 1939, we have worked to promote mental wellness in Vermont, and to be the state’s voice in education, training and community support.


Our Mission

To provide recovery leadership. From your house to the White House. From nationally certified academies to recovery coaches in the Emergency Department. From information services to certified recovery residences. All rooted in evidence-based and strength-based practices.


Our Vision

Here is the fact: Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a health condition. This is at the center of all our awareness campaigns, trainings and events. We work every day to end the stigma across Vermont and beyond. Because SUD is a health condition we believe that recovery services should be evidence-based. Over 10,000 Vermonters complete treatment for SUD each year. These Vermonters leave treatment and enter the world of recovery. We work to ensure that people in recovery have a robust workforce and a diverse network of supports to stay strong in their recovery.


Our Founders

We are a statewide behavioral health organization that has provided advocacy and professional training to Vermont’s workforce since 1939. The organization was founded during the great depression by a surprisingly visionary group: The Montpelier Ladies Garden Club. These women saw the need for radical social change in the way that mental health was treated. They believed that we should treat mental health for what it is: a health issue. Nothing more, nothing less. No different from any other aspect of human health. Over the years we have grown to be an essential pillar of Vermont’s workforce development and public health community.

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